Willow Wood Water

is used for enhancement of psychic abilities. Orpheus, the poet, was said to have received his Gift by touching the Willows in a grove sacred to Persephone. Groves have been used by many types of artisans to gain eloquence, inspiration, skills and the gift of prophecy. This Tree is held sacred, also, to Minerva, the ancient Great Goddess whose bird, the Wryneck, nests only in the Willow. Cranes are also known to nest here and a grove of Willows with nesting cranes is a symbol of extremely happy domesticity.

Magickal uses are extensive.

The Besom, the Witches Broom, is traditionally made from three Trees. The stave is made from Ash for protection Birch twigs are used for the broom itself to expel evil spirits.

The Besom is bound with Willow to honour Hecate. Willow branches are said to be the best for divining Water, channelling Earth energy, and to find lost objects.

Willow Wood Water