What does Road Opening Mean? 

Ever feel stuck or blocked in some way that no matter what you do, you don’t see progress?

That no matter how many spells you do you don’t see the results you want?

Sometimes we can be blocked in ways that we don’t realise and we have to open the roads to allow what we want to come our way.

Finding a way to open pathways and allow what we desire to come can also be done in spell work.


Road Opener (also called Road Opening – used interchangeably) is a conjure formula that’s created from a shrub-like bush/herb called Abre Camino [Eupatorium villosum] meaning “road opener” or “opening road”.


Road Opener is a commonly found in hoodoo that helps to open paths and roads so that what you want can be achieved.

This can help to bring you success, good fortune, abundance, good health, money, love, promotions, etc.

If you find that you’ve been working spells and magick for weeks or even months and not seeing the results that you desire or if you feel stuck in your life, Road Opener can help with that.


Road opening ritual baths can be done with some road opening and herbs, often sold online and in metaphysical shops that carry hoodoo/rootwork supplies and herbs.



The Ritual will be Broken Down over the Month of May for everyone. 

Road Opener Ritual Powder and Wash (Instructions will be emailed)