All 2020 we need a oil to just amp up our work or our bath, this is 90 percent essential oil so you can wear it, if you have open wounds well of course be careful 


How to Use this Rich Bitch Oil: 

anointing love spell candles and figure candles. Choose one candle to represent yourself and another your intended partner, dress them with oil and burn them together. Visualize your partner in your arms while reciting Psalm 23 or the erotic passages from the Song of Solomon (traditional), or any love poem that turns your crank.


If you’re looking for a new love, wear Rich Bitch as a personal perfume. Stir a few drops into your bathwater before going out in order to be noticed by an attractive stranger. For best results, perform Rich Bitch magick when the Moon is waxing to full.


Use it to anoint lucky charms and magickal tools. Dress candles. Cleanse and bless. Mix into floor washes and room sprays to banish negativity. Splash some into a cleansing bath to boost your mojo before any spellworking.


With its zingy freshness and lucky vibe, Rich Bitch is a premier fragrance of the planet Mercury. Use in Mercury-type workings: Luck, business opportunities, and communication. Put it in your Mercury retrograde toolkit to help shake off the blahs when Mercury’s acting wonky.

Rich Bitch Oil Custom Oil ( 1ounce)