Devil Pod (Trapa bicornis) - Also called Goats Head and Buffalo Nut is a classic of Hoodoo

In China, the Bat is a lucky animal, because the name "Bat" (Fu) sounds just like the word for happiness (Fu), so to the Chinese, who know this plant as the Ling Nut, the image it shows is of a Bat and it is considered a lucky food to eat.

Although the seed inside the pod is edible when cooked, the Bat Nut's rarity in the United States and its bizarre shape have led to its use as an offering on altars to some of the darker gods. While it is not native to Africa, Europe, or South America, it would not be out of place on a modern altar dedicated to cthonic tricksters such as of West Africa, Hades-Pluto of the ancient Mediterranean, or of Guatemala.

A more positive use for the Devil Pod is to ward off evil, and for that purpose it can be placed above a doorway, facing outward as an apotropaic guardian, much in the manner of ancient Tibetan door demons. Likewise, it makes a splendid inclusion in of the types commonly known as "Jinx Breaker," "Keep Away Enemies," or "Run Devil Run."

Wear it put it in your mojo bag and altar

Devil Pod (Trapa bicornis) - Also called Goats Head