This is going to be a great class full of Old School knowledge taught by non other .

Born in 1967, Candelo Kimbisa had a connection to the unseen world from the very beginning, from the basement seances in the Bronx which formed his earliest childhood memories to late night listening to Casey Kasem and Dr. Demento on Boston’s WRKO.When his family moved from Boston to Miami in 1977, Candelo became a fan of local shock jock Neil Rogers, noting: “I had bought my first car, a little square Chevy… but it only had AM radio! Maybe that’s where my passion for talk radio started…”Though a gifted student, Candelo soon fell in with neighborhood gangs and spent his late high school years “running the streets,” eventually becoming initiated into Palo Mayombe (an Afro-Cuban shamanic religion based on the beliefs of Central African tribes) as a way to seek protection from the

law: Candelo Kimbisa.


Class will be held on May 20, 2020 and 7pm LIVE on ZOOM This man offers over 40 years of knowledge

Candelo Kimbisa Conjure 101 Pinwheels and Afro Cuban Occult Workshop